I don’t really know what to do rn. All I can think to do is watch TV (Twtich) but that’d trigger me, I can feel it. Why? Probably because after some degree of laziness, you just go insane. So what do I do?

Today has been really bad. I was about to say “horrifying” but I can vividly remember times when it was worse. Sigh… Falling asleep. Too restless to lie in bed though. This is torture. Life is torture.

I don’t really want to, but I have to make the healthy decision now and stay away from all people I don’t know. Strangers, in other words. Except acquaintances, too. It’s a major bummer b/c I really like social talk and interaction and just like being cool around others. But I guess I have to […]

Hey wanna know something neat? I bought my health insurance through CA’s marketplace and it looks like I qualify for the advance premium tax credit–and they’re paying the majority of my health insurance premium! This is awesome! Personally, this has been the biggest or second biggest ticket item on my monthly bill to date! Hooray! […]

I think everyone agrees that my play muscles are weak. Playing muscles. Play muscles. Whichever you’d call em. The part or pattern or center or cluster or whatever in my brain responsible pour rigoler. The mistakes are on purpose. Fun foe. Fun foe. So I need to relearn to play. How do I do this? […]

None of you deserve the privilege of existence. I will do everything legally within my power to end the species. Go fuck yourselves. You had your chance. I’m ending you. varjak

I feel so desperately alone. I cannot believe I have to go to work today. Is there any point in even writing this down? No one knows me. I have no friends. There’s no point in living. I trudge on out of obligation, to my family, because they love me. Life is a prison. I […]

I feel I feel I don’t want to be artistic anymore It makes me a drunkard It makes me scary It makes me a psycho I don’t want to be an artiste anymore I just want to say it like it is. I feel this force telling me no don’t do it that way. I […]