I think everyone agrees that my play muscles are weak. Playing muscles. Play muscles. Whichever you’d call em. The part or pattern or center or cluster or whatever in my brain responsible pour rigoler.

The mistakes are on purpose.

Fun foe.

Fun foe.

So I need to relearn to play.

How do I do this?

Any way you’d get any muscle back in shape. With therapy.

Except it looks like I’m going to have to do it on my own.

I’m not sure why but Kaiser isn’t offering play therapy.

So yeah I’ll have to do it on my own.

I prescribe myself…

Half an hour of video games. A day.

Or is that too much? We can do it easier. It’ll take longer, but you seem to be alright with the slow steady approach.

So let’s say, 30 minutes every other day?

Sound good? Or too hard to remember?

How about 30 minutes M W F, and Saturday.




How is that?


I’ll see you next time.

Thanks, bye!

(Reminder: Technically this means you’re off for today but do consider how miserable you are. You really need to relearn to have fun. =/. It’s not so bad once you get rolling, we swear!)

Maybe I should talk to my therapist about this.

Right right alright go ahead, you come back when you’re ready. Think about it for now.

Have a nice day.

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