Hey wanna know something neat? I bought my health insurance through CA’s marketplace and it looks like I qualify for the advance premium tax credit–and they’re paying the majority of my health insurance premium! This is awesome! Personally, this has been the biggest or second biggest ticket item on my monthly bill to date! Hooray! (First place is likely leisure spending–not efficient, not efficient–).

Soooo yeah, some good news!



Well I’m here so I might as well.

I’ve decided to fight my disease with full force.

It can be won. It can. And my mother will help me. She’s the only one home with me right now is why I say, and we’ve been talking a lot about it. We can do this. I can win. I can stabilize and have a normal life. But you have to try really really hard. Not just willpower, either. Got to throw everything at it. Craftiness, creativity, yes of course willpowers, but also patience, kindness, diligence, honesty, everything everything. Every human trait in your toolbox is a skill at your disposal in the fight against a brain disease.

For those just joining, I have schizoaffective disorder, depressive type. =P

It’s horrifying most of the time.

Sorry to tell you that but it’s true.

But there are many descriptors we could use to describe SZA(D). Why not demonstrate a few? I haven’t actually indulged in a while, so why not?:

confusing, horrifying, worrisome, annoying, irritating, destructive, shocking, exhausting…

Lots of bad stuffff!@ =P


Okay I don’t care what it is anymore so I’m just gonna pop off for now.

<Bernard Black makes a face>

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