Good morning lonely planet with many fools and mistakes on it.

Somewhere the sun rises, always. For as long as the Earth spins around the sun, there is a sunrise.

Barring of course the rare instance that somehow we get sunlocked in our orbit like the moon to the earth.

I’m depressed, scared, and it shouldn’t be like this. I’m being abused by my job. They pay me and then don’t tell me what to do, and somehow get away with it. I am so guilty, a weak psyche like me can’t handle it.

The days are about survival. No leisure, no tasks, no focus, no nothing good you know. It’s not supposed to just be about pleasure and leisure. That focused task-oriented life is good, too. I just don’t usually think about it.

I have a doctor’s apt now so I’ll leave it at that.

I’m sorry to everyone I’ve damaged.

Life’s not fair.

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