I think the degree to which I have utterly shat on all endeavors of knowledge and human expansiveness, my own intelligence, and the mental respect of others is astounding. Why learning? I asked. Why knowledge? I bled. Why information? I thought. I think I should know again. It may be difficult, challenging, to explain. It […]

You can tell I have akathisia because I micropost: I post small posts, short posts that is, frequently. It indicates a lack of depth and attention, and a need to move around, including from task to task, all the time. Maybe I should tone it down on “all the time” and other superlatives. It might […]

I just hope all of this blows over. My scars. The people who know OF me, who hate me for what I did to them. That I threatened them, scared them, deeply. I was also hoping to learn to keep it to one blog post a day, to establish a better schedule. But I’m handicapped, […]

It blows my mind that people can read the same words and hear different tone. There are always similarities. Knowledge blows my mind. Too. Filled with love. That’s a cowardly way of saying, “I love you”. Which is meaningless coming from someone like me who has mood swings. It starts to be, anyway, once you […]

This blog is starting to be a painful place. Having verbally abused or yelled at other bloggers in the blogosphere on WP, always unfairly and stupidly, during psychosis, I feel scarred by this place and scared of retaliation. It makes it hard to read other bloggers’ posts. Which I really need to do to get […]