I just want to fuck fuck fuck you in the eye ball go screw your mom this is not a PG stream. This is not a stream. This is not a stream of water. Or urine. To the moon. And becks the ultimate FUCK ThE ULTIMATE FUCK

Twitch streamers are psychic garbage. Why do they stalk exclusively me, a viewer, when I watch them? Okay so it’s a delusion. Do you know how real these things feel? It’s so weird.

I went for a hike and was in touch with reality. It felt so good. It wasn’t bliss. It was kind of deadening and cold, reality, it’s harsh! You know? And that is why it’s awesome. Because it’s REAL. Fuck you, hallucinations! Fuck you, delusions! Then I got home and Twitch streamers psychically harassed me […]

Dream: Disney theme in the air. But just video remotes and old moldy sofas, because it rained in the apartment and leaked the ceiling on top of the housing building metropolitan high stories. Old fat says use that remote but it doesn’t work for anything; there are more remotes. There are a lot of TVs. […]