I went to some cunt fagass’es twitch streamer’s name sequisha cunt fagass twitch streamer’s twitch stream plays wow wow and i was myself for a while and he was psychically subliminally harassing me the whole time and i tried to introduce myself and then he politely asked me to leave so i did except it […]

Temporarily banned from twitch for being the only bastion of sanity in a psychotic break everyone fucked me up they died i hope they’re better off for being dead they were’t very good alive the clown pocalypse is moot etc. … doing chores many laughter at me much applause for laughing well not sure what […]


Fuck fuck in da brainzzzzzzzzzzz lol this is our new motto fuck fuck in da brainzzzzzzzzzzzz super duper lolita funtiandogo i think i need my brain to work again so i can enjoy life i can’t read i can’t work on video game design i can hardly work today, i didn’t get the problem statement […]