Temporarily banned from twitch for being the only bastion of sanity in a psychotic break

everyone fucked me up they died i hope they’re better off for being dead

they were’t very good alive

the clown pocalypse is moot


doing chores many laughter at me much applause for laughing well

not sure what to do when shamed

never alone

fucking die etc. kill yourself if this is legal that’s amazing thata the law is that fickle

wow how did you invent such a weak country?

ok so let me in on a little secret

am I going ot priosn?

an if so

which b ody?


it’s never quiet

so i make noise

i had my bottle of wine

worked hard

i am psychotic now

it is a condition not a crime

so i can’t go to prison for it

but i can hurt a lot for it


that’ll be hard to absorb

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