Fuck fuck in da brainzzzzzzzzzzz lol

this is our new motto

fuck fuck in da brainzzzzzzzzzzzz

super duper lolita funtiandogo

i think i need my brain to work again so i can enjoy life

i can’t read

i can’t work on video game design

i can hardly work today, i didn’t get the problem statement

although consider that my retard manager didn’t explain jack shit in any way comprehensible or like write it down cunt write it down and email us

write it down






chinkola loser senior scientist doing nutshit for a job.


what losers.

i need a life.

i can’t hang out with these losers.

i have a master’s in biomedical engineering.

and really i know nothing about the subject.

i just know a little bit about gene regulation that’s about it.

maybe i know the phrase ‘osmotic tension”

but it would be pseudiscience anyway

i mean i’m not sure

fuck you all fuck you all

hmm humm yess good

and i had a beer

during a workday

working from home

we are in the process of renegotiating my contract



now i might feel like sharty

i feel sharty

like a blob


i want to go exercise

i don’t want to be stuck at this shit computer indoors

i want to go for a hike through some redwoods by the coast


bomb ass

but in all else equals land

mabe notto

it’s muggy

and i feel gross

we have no windows open

why is it muggy

this makes no sense


my life

this is quite the fight isnt it

i want to join this data science intro thing from kaggle

but i dont have willpower


so i’m fucked

and will never make any progress of any sort in my life at all ever

in fact i’ve started drinking again

which makes me a total loser

fuck fuck shit piss fuck

i have a headache

i don’t know if i should make this a big problem or not?


of course it’s better not to make it a big problem

why would you even ask?

because i am neurotic


no i wasn’t supposed to write that one but also

why does writing one mor eline destroy your body it shouldn’t

you ought to be more robust than that

also psychologically

fuck wow i’m so out of shape

i need to exercise

a lot

i am having a sandwich for lunch

the usual psychic spies are the usual psychic spies

i.e. my mental versions of everyone

seem to be

or not

but that is the great escape

i want to drink all the time

nothing i say matters

this blog is like the most important thing in my life


i hate my job

what else

more more more

always more

i’ll just cut the rope for now

the crew fell to their deaths


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