it’s like, my introduction to all other folks is like, “Oh, you’re another person, I hear you yelling at me already, wow thanks I hate you for being a dipshit.” And that’s the introduction.

cuntz and nothing but cuntz but i should format this but there is no wrong and n oright so how do i do? do do ddo i love you fuck all of you fuck the dictatror oin hapajan fuck the dictator in japan fuck him

pffft i dun wanna read this jackrabbit horseradish jackshit fuckshit shit fuck horse shit! fycj iyT!T’ neabs fuck you in germanicinaioanshithsithshitish

life is meaningless and i have no substance no apprenticeship except my job my job MY JOB is the only thing in my life that matters and it is so lenient how do i ever repay them just keep working it’s awfully… suspicious but they know and i know that so we work mutually to […]

i have nowhere to go and no one to talk to oh are you going to have a psychic orogasm because ytou were wrong well what i was wright zing

I love my mom. Wow. You though. You are horrifying. You are nothing. No one and nowhere. Find me. Find me and love me. Someone. Please…

I don’t want to talk to my doctors. I’m spoiled and they suck, they haven’t cured me yet, why would I believe they could cure me now. What has changed in their repertoire, eh? They are loser failures who don’t know how the human body works, let alone mine, and they can’t help me. I’m […]