I’m supposed to be gagging out over some awesome thing right now. But there is no awesome thing–fuck this, this is a chore. Cunt fagass. Nigger. Stupid royalo garbage troup. I don’t know what to do or say. I took my evening propranolol, 20 mg. 50 total for the day. So that’s that. And no […]

Wow. Alcohol royally trashes your body. Fuck. I should stop drinking. But it’s my only mental medicine. The psych meds don’t work. So I can’t. Middle finger to modern medical establishment YEAH THAT”S RIGHT FUCK YOU IN THE FACE PORK LOINS FUCK ALL OF YOU FAGASSED DOCTORS FUCK OFF

80 mg latuda 3.5 mg risperidone 50 mg propranolol (tapering off) 2.5 mg suboxone (tapering off) PRN clonazepam not to exceed 1.5 mg a week (fuck) fuck you

I’d go for a walk thru my neighborhood but there’s no point because it’s so fucking ugly. No joy brought to the walker, indeed, ever, at all, fuck you.

The doctors, to me, the patient: How dare you try to feel normal/happy by using resources that are rightfully yours and modifying YOUR OWN FUCKING BODY WHILE WE SMACKFUCKTARDS TELL YOU WE WANT TO CONTROL YOU WE OWN YOU YOU FUCK FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCK FUCK QED doctors dont have brain

Temporarily considered looking at porn. I mean I browsed some hentai but no reason to take my clothes off. No one’s really attractive anymore. Nothing is worth being a gross pig over.

i have to move it’s not even about the information encoded in words anymore it’s just about thermodynamic disequilibrium and continuing to generate heat to push us closer and closer to entropy death i’ll do my part if you do yours

I have sharp chest pain. I also wrote an angry message to my doctors implying exercise is stupid. Christians are totalitarian regime propaganda on faith preaching to me to exercise. No logic. No explanation. No empathy. Yeah that’s right! Christians actually don’t empathize. Atheists do. Only. So fuck you and fuck your religion. Piss on […]

I don'[t read my own posts anymore because I’m not important and I don’t reaLLY GIVE a shit what I have to say. Not even me dfo I care about. I also don’t spellcheck because who fucking cares?! You know?