I’m supposed to be gagging out over some awesome thing right now. But there is no awesome thing–fuck this, this is a chore.

Cunt fagass.


Stupid royalo garbage troup.

I don’t know what to do or say.

I took my evening propranolol, 20 mg. 50 total for the day.

So that’s that. And no harm done.

So sayeth the minister of magic. Or rather, the head of the ministry of magic.

But of course head is a dirty word that little teenage girls in my science lab fetishize and get all gross fuck you teenage girls you shouldn’t even be working there.


I’m not enti–fuck it.

Too tired.

But also have to go on.

Life is trash.

Trash it?

I don’t know. Nike’s next commercial.

Life is trash. So trash it.

Yeah. Some bullshit.

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