Hi. I realize I destroyed my blogging following by being an abusive user of the English language, saying like really nasty things. Eh, I still think it’s not a big deal. Don’t be so sensitive, folks.

But leave if you will.

I also have twice deleted manually my followers. They were psychically stalking me in my delusions. So my delusions ruined my following.

Now I’m hung over from woozy from yesterday a bottle of wine and my meds as usual, latuda it says don’t drink with that, and propranolol, and risperidone, so yeah.

I want to build back up my following. I don’t understand how things take so long, I guess, I mean, everything requires effort and little moves over vast time scales to get where you want to be, regardless of the project.

I don’t know. I’m so scared of some things. My job mostly.

No friends. What’s that like, you ask. It’s like me. Going crazy.

I don’t get it. It was so easy to not drink before, even if I was struggling with akathisia. Did things get worse? I opened the floodgates by starting. It’s easier after the first time.

Guh. No one will ever hear these words. Fuck. So empty. So much nothing. How do you make acquaintances on the internet?

Or is that a flawed concept?

Man. I don’t know.

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