Done and Gone

The task of venting is actually surprisingly simple. Without distraction, it is also easy.

You take a sentiment or event in your life, big or small, and transport its description in words to your blog, in an entry. Pictures are optional. Actually I guess words are optional too. But one or the other are mandatory. If you want the blog post to exist, that is.

And that’s it. That’s blogging.

However, I have such bad ADHD that the spiral mania I find myself in so often precludes being able to even finish simple thoughts. I feel as though I’ve had enough, I deserve better treatment, I’m just going to end it and explode explode with my words here. So futz and foam. What is it to boot?

I don’t actually know if it’s ADHD though. I don’t have a diagnosis. Hmm.

And this, friends, was not why I came to this post. It was actually something I wanted to say about my brother. Brother The Middle.

Urhg. Fuck. I forgot.

On a side note, how I do get into so many fights? I don’t get it. On the internet, that is. Why am I such a victim of other people’s bad behavior? I’m guessing it’s largely Americans but also truly global.

Who knows.

Fuck you, too.

Right in that spot.


Warm and yummy.

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