My mother snapped on me today. She’s saying something in the next room as we speak. It sounded like it was a phone call. There was no phone ringing but phones do that these days.

The whole episode was a cartoonish hallucination. It was horrifying seeing your loved ones turn on you like that. There must be things more important than me to them.

I find it odd that I could be the thing in their way of finding their successful win con all the time though.

But that’s in the nature of hallucinations.

I took 1 mg of PRN risperidone just now to try to quell it.

My psychiatrists are completely incompetent.

Back to the good ol’ days when there was an S at the end. Steinway and Sons.

That’ll do for now except everyone hates it and me. So that means it won’t do.

This cute conniving look that is horrifying.

I don’t understand why I have to do everyone’s hard work for them all the time.

Why do I have to exist everyone else?

That’s a waste of a fuckton of resources.

With the garbage I deal with on a regular basis.

I wouldn’t want to exist in a culture with so many microcosms unannounced. Things would change and you wouldn’t adapt and you’d die and suffer and mill about and never be the same. You wouldn’t.

I don’t know. It seems like a useless question when psychiatry is pointing its gun at you.

I don’t understand why people spy on me so much.

The tone of voice is so fucked.

My imagination is the hallucination, I’m too tired to sleep, and we can’t find a nutritional supplement my brother The Middle said would help me.

This supplement doesn’t seem to involve any strings.

But everything always does. Especially when I live my life.

Imaginary fights more painful than real ones, so far.

Noise pollution is, definitely can confirm, a reality.

The voices are the loudest thing.

Some good advice someone could’ve given me (hint hint Dear Therapist You Is a Dumb Fuck Egomaniac) is not to hug my mother unless I want her to hurt me psychically.

Why are things sensor-trigger-wired to my facial muscles? This body is bad.

This weekend is almost over and I had a horrifying time.

I was not aware it was legal to allow people to destroy themselves on their days off.

All Presidents are Stupid.

Retraction of offending limb does not quell imagination/hallucination.

Amplification of noise violation.

I don’t know why I’m legal satire material.

I no longer have control of my brain. I think this is the end.

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