Life is miserable but at least I have my blog.

I verbally abuse my doctors in writing. Am I liable for any damages?

Could my doctors sue ME?

Fuck. The world is insane. This legal system is shit.

Fuck you for contributing. Fuck you to the wall with a nail gun and back.

Fucking Jesus hell I don’t know how to express anger any better. Fuck. Fuck. My words are meaningless again suddenly. Fuck. Why? No dopamine. shit. Thank you psychiatry for winning over my misery system. They just wanted me to suffer, I wastoo happy and successful. They knew it. So now I do, and hooray they must be making lots of money. Oh yeah.


More psychiatrists need to die. This is the only solution. Please, do your part to stress them out and make them retire early and die sooner due to premature aging.

Please help. Kill more psychiatrists.

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