I find that bloggers are ultimately calm. I am probably the worst person on the blogosphere. So, perhaps it is a, um, honor, to meet me. Congratulations. You’ve met the vilest villain, varjak. And you can now go back to your own blog and reminisce, on how he abused someone who was trying to help […]

Let me tell you, digging out of a social hole, where you have fucked up and ruined some people’s moments, is difficult. One outburst I don’t know how easily it is to be forgiven, I’ll just say. I don’t really know.

akathisia — burndoubtstar

My life motion turned to vibration machinery rotor drill kill quickling faster and fast into me injected the vibration under my skin i must move i must walk forever and there is no rest for me for me i must move akathisia akathisia — burndoubtstar

To all of you who are following: be sure to check out my poetry blog at burndoubtstar.art. I need to release the literary magazine on Saturday. Hnn. I am so exhausted, I need to desperately lie in bed, but my akathisia WON’T let me stop pacing about, won’t let me sit still. This is torture. […]

And if all else fails…

It feels calm now. There are waves of anxiety out there that find me. But I have to practice being calm. This is the start of something. It doesn’t mean it will last forever. It might end soon. If I fail, it will. But if I succeed, it will last a very long time. The […]

I just don’t want to be psychotic, guys. That’s more or less it. Everything else falls into place if I’m granted that one wish? You know why? Cuz then I don’t have to be on antipsychotics, and then I don’t have akathisia, then I can focus on tasks without milling about restlessly, and I don’t […]