And if all else fails…

It feels calm now. There are waves of anxiety out there that find me. But I have to practice being calm. This is the start of something. It doesn’t mean it will last forever. It might end soon. If I fail, it will. But if I succeed, it will last a very long time. The peace.

I stretched my sinuses out to cleanse my lymphatic system. I forgot I hadn’t done that in a while. It’s very important to do. Just don’t do it on an OD of CBD–that is like, an all-nighter of stretching. Somehow the lymph never leaves then. Probably the CBD fucks it up.

As you know by now, I swear. A lot. Back in my day that wasn’t such a bad thing. The times have changed, though.

I ripped a bunch of trance CDs from which I will make a compilation for my father. This was yesterday.

I have to do some data analysis for my boss. Ew. She didn’t even write it down. She just told me and I took notes. It’s so complicated I can’t see how she expects me to remember. Simple for her, complicated for me. Well, I’ll manage. It makes me feel rather miserable, though. Trying to function like this. She’s not a very good manager.

Hmm yeah. That’s about it. Lymph cleansed. Super calm. Remember to take care of your body, folks. And that does NOT mean giving into the preachers. You know what’s best for you. If you don’t, well, maybe get an exercise coach or something. Try things. Figure it out. See what suits you and what doesn’t. You’ll figure it out.

I’ve known what’s right for me ever since I was little. I’ve been in touch with my body since I was little. I played competitive tennis since I was 5 years old. So. You don’t do that without gaining a bit of athleticism in the skills department.

It’s been a rather spiritual journey for me, in retrospect.

I wonder if my paragraphs are too short.

I am under the impression professional writers have longer paragraphs. I don’t know how to do that. I’m not a good writer. =(

Oh well. Sad note to end on. Goodbye for now, lovelies.

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