I met a girl named Kylea at the local nursery (plants) and I’m drnk now so fuck what it is to you.

She was very innocent and I loved her but too innocent for me, much better human than me. Deserved better than me. I won’t get her.

So moving on, life is miserable and I have an alcholoism problem that I’m getting intensive medical outpatient treatment with with Kaiser.

I finished my bottle for the night.

Tomorrow there’s some educational class I have to attend about alcohol.

And then therapy starts Monday.

Mother is under my skin and triggering intense psychosis.

It actaully just started. Well, it brought it forth.

This is why I will never have Kylea. She is so beyond all of this. She is a kind person with normal aspirations. I am a walking problem.

So fuck. Fuck if you know the duck’s name. The duck’s name is Muhammad Ali jijad jijad jijad yay ayaya yajajajajaja crabggrasss.


I want something to move. Writing is so restrictive. It’s nice to encode words but you all fucks are dead to me before we even started. Dead, or threats. At best.

Sorry but that’s the truth.


That’s also why Kylea will never need me in her life.

I give.


*waves hands*

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