I don’t really feel that good today. Clammy, and bleh, sort of miserable. Just miserable. Not psychotic. But, I also feel like I’ve reinvented myself and just gotten off to a rotten start.

I have to exercise so much just to feel normal. That’s a tough pill to swallow. I don’t like being nature’s bitch. I really don’t. But I’m starting to ramp it up gradually. Light weights here and there.

It looks like I won’t be working at Roche anymore. Fuck that place. Tedious shit of a job. That’s all there is to say on the matter. It’s really quite a small issue, no reason to aggrandize it. My coworkers were shit.

Mom got me a Chipotle burrito and herself and father are going to split one too. We’re going to make me mushroom sandwiches, I guess her too, but, you know, me, tomorrow, for lunch. What are those large type of mushrooms called?

My brain capacity. No comment.

I chronically want a nap but I am so miserable I can’t sleep. The psychological malaise is potent. Fuck I’m destroyed on the inside.

Losing weight, though! =). The scales are weird, but I do look smaller than I used to, for sure. Hurrah! Need to keep going. I hate indoor cycling but I like hiking so mom and I are going for a hike today in a little while.

I’m so sleepy. I need a nap. Whether I feel good about it or not. I’ll time it at 30 min.

Thanks for reading.

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