On the upkick of recovery

I don’t feel like blogging here anymore. It feels so insignificant. My voice is so small and pathetic. A drop in the ocean. Meaningless. But all that aside, I have to say that I have about a year to get my shit together. I have a year of disability pay compliments of California taxpayers (thank […]

Life is useless, meaningless misery. You fucks like my posts. I don’t give a shit. You think you’re doing a good deed by encouraging me, pushing me on. You aren’t. Sorry to break it to you. You’re just a fucking stupid piece of shit. Sorry to break it to you. I could go on but […]

My mother is a vicious bitch. Subtle, but vicious. Easy to spot if you have eyes at all. Metaphorical, spiritual, life love eyes. To see the truth. She wants everyone in her family dead because she thinks she is supposed to do chores for us. She’s under some delusion that we’ve imprisoned her and her […]

Venting doesn’t work anymore. Poetry is stupid. I am not creative. I can’t create beauty. My words are hollow. Venting doesn’t work anymore. I can say the angriest things here, in my personal space WHERE I LEGALLY HAVE THE RIGHTS TO SAY WHATEVER I WANT SO FUCK YOU GO DIE PIECE OF SHIT FUCK OFF […]

I don’t belong here. My human rights have been revoked. The world owns me. I don’t own this blog, I don’t own the space in my room, I don’t have a job, capitalism wins. Fuck you. I die hard I stab you with knives in the eye. Fuck off. How the theft goes unseen. No […]

Writing in here doesn’t change anything. I’m tired of chores. I’m tired of homework. All my hard effort doesn’t change a thing. It’s stuck. Fuck you for not helping. Fuck. I’m so dead. I don’t know what to do. Let’s conclude the post there, yes? Well guess what, shits, I’m a human, and I have […]