I am backwards and strange, as a person. I find that I antagonize the system in place where adversity must be overcome for rewards. Not just money, but the basic human emotion of feeling good. You have to achieve things to attain that emotion. I antagonize this system.

Whatever being, now I am anthropomorphizing it, considering it sentient for now, whatever being crafts this system for us, I am against it wholly and in sum. I am on the opposite side of the lawsuit.

I am under the gentle delusion that most of the adversity in my life is due to the stupidity of most of the others of my species.

And some day someone will convince me otherwise. This nefarious being previously mentioned will convince me I am the lazy damaging destructive one. I must always remember that I am not.

This fucking shit. I hate it. I am so angry. It’s crap. And fuck you. Etc. etc.

Thank you very much / tyvm.

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