I’m working on my data science stuff now, so that’s direction. I don’t know how I got back on track.

Funny satire idea: Picture of gorgeously pretty young girl, maybe 20 years old or 18 years old, and short hair body facing away head turned to the left looking over the left shoulder at the camera, smiling a little cunningly, and then BLAM it transforms and she’s a neurotic wreck with all the same problems we’ve got! Oh damn! Right?

Yeah. Cuz you know that’s how it is.

It only gets worse as you get older, folks.

And that’s my blog post for the day, the first one actaully, well I lost count, and I don’t know why but it’s not enough!


I’m so boned.

This anxiety can’t be treated by my psychiatrists. They’re so stupid.

Some other shmuck doctor would give me a xanax prescription that’s it out the door deal with the addiction.

No here they micromoanage my health. Fuckers.

Kaiser is ridiculuos.

If I recall, as a child, I always had a positive attitude. A lot of the time I didn’t want to do what my parents told me to do, like play tennis, ever, but beside that I was a very positive person. This whole depression anxiety shit didn’t show up until adulthood.

It’s fucked, man. The transformation we go through. NOT fair.

But do consider that hot bitch looking over her shoulder. BONE time. Folks. BONE time.


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