My dad likes to make funny faces. Especially when it’s not appropriate.

He’s a rather inappropriate person.

The rest of the family hates him.

None of us understand why he bought four new cars recently all in one go, except maybe to put more financial stress on the family.

Meaningless, destructive behavior. Typical, coming from him.

The brothers understand him. How evil he is. They moved out for that purpose.

Mother lives with him for some reason. Money, so she says. Well now she’s a superstitious bat shit, who believes the house is haunted by her dead cat, the one she is still in love with. So she has to keep it.

It were me I’d ditch the prick (dad) divorce move somewhere cheap but safe and live stress-free here on forth.

Doesn’t sound too complicated, now does it?

But mother’s not very logical.

Father’s not very logical.

The brothers are somewhat logical.

Even they’re not perfect.

I’m not perfect.


We could all do to be more logical.

So it goes.

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