The next thing I need to really start Googling and strategizing about is how to quit drinking so much every damned night.

Let me google this real quick…

this seems to be one of the less useless sites:

others are like, oh dur dur come to our clinic.

no fuck rat trash. i do this meself. bitch.

so writing about it IS a good start. so that’s important.

i don’t want to be pedantic about it and count exactly how many each day. i did that for kratom and it didn’t work. it was just ANNOYING. FUCK YOU.

and what else.



i guess i’ll just do what they recommend. drink more slowly. avoid on an empty stomach.

etc. etc.

if there were a surefire easy way to quit, it wouldn’t be a widespread problem, now would it?

the genius that figures this out winds the nobel prize, i guarantee it.

no one ever thinks these things through, though. i guess there might be science labs working on it. probably not that many. society’s not that smart, either.

fuck. it’s so aggravating having to admit how stupid my species is! lord! jesus fucking christ! lol

oh well.

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