And you and you and you and you…

I keep thinking if I politely, quietly behave, the voices will go away. If I don’t occupy them, then they won’t linger.

We’re walking tomorrow instead of Sunday. Brother’s wishes.

I slept a lot today to try to keep from drinking. I’ll do it again, if I have to. Unfortunately I already has a breakfast bottle, ugh, so, bad luck there.

Quitting really shouldn’t be that hard. The first two days are the hardest. After that you just keep up good momentum. My fingers wanted me to say “fucking” there but I didn’t. Just in quotes. Justin Quotes. Quotes what? Nothing, nevermind.

I am 2 days behind on my machine learning Kaggle competition exercises. They are pretty easy so far but I should keep up. I also need to work on the coursera homework. It’ll be big, once I’m done with it. It’s such a balance act, balancing my health and not-stress with work-hard. Then again working hard reduces stress, so what am I saying–just do all the exercise! Ugh. I’m a fool, and you know it, Charlie Brown.

Listening to You Are Beautiful At All Times by Yppah.

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