No one around these parts talks or thinks straight anymore. We’re all reeling from the collective catastrophe of society. Good work, shits, meet the fucks.

You’ve been married.

That’s the sanctity of marriage. That’s how fickle and pointless it is.

Now fuck off.

I want my life back.

Gun each other down in church parking lots during Trunk or Treat just to prove points.

The mathematicians would be proud.

Oh well I’m stretching their truth, they’re the only ones who wouldnt–j/k they’re liars too.

Mom hits her plate on the table hard to make an obnoxious sound.

The meaning is unknown.

I insult someone else on the blogosphere for being bad at poetry.

They probably get pissed and yell at me tomorrow.

Because shit did they try hard.

Yeah man meat I bet they tried hard.

Fuck your cock sucking action they tried hard.

So suck more cock. They tried hard.

Well anyway. I hate you all. Because none of you have helped me yet.

Go jump off cliffs.

Fucking die.

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