I think things are alright rn.

I’m decreasing my risperdal without increasing my latuda. Psychochiatrist would not have recommended that because they like me nice and drugged up because they think I’m sick and don’t think much on it beyond that. I really think about it, the cause and effects, the rationality, the reasons and seasons.


*chews lip gently*

I think this dosage is okay. I was overdosed. My side effects were unbearable. That means i was overdosed.

This does NOT mean I will have to deal with more of my disease now. It’s nonlinear.


And coping mechanisms will develop in me.

Like taking a nap when an episode hits.


Or relaxing, like really, really, not panicking.


And improving my long-term well being instead of relying on pills. Such as excercise and mindful meals.


Things are going well.

I don’t want to jynx it but

Yeah I think things are going well.

My little bubble of peace here.

: )

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