Life is not worth it, you know that, right? I am entitled to my words. If you arrest me for “instigating suicide” or whatever copout saying other people are not responsible for their own actions I must be brainwashing them mind controlling them fo sho, you tard, yeah that must be it. Well if you arrest me hell will come down on you.

What happened to freedom of speech.

This is a real fight and I am fighting it. And it’s not on the news because the government doesn’t want you to know about it, and it’s not talked about because no one knows about it. But it’s real.

You are not allowed to say whatever you want.

Now you’re gonna say, Well varjak, would you go onto a train and start yelling expletives? That’d be rude!

Well of course. I’m saying that there are ramifications for everything. I mean yes you should be conscientious. But beyond that, there is something that is a little too totalitarian. Preemptive. We can’t feel comfortable talking anymore. We have to be careful extra with our words or else merely saying them lands us in prison.

It’s gone too far, is what I’m saying.

And you know what, kudos to the guy who yells expletives on the train.

Fuck you all.

<3, varjak

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