I don’t know. I wish I was more popular on wordpress, or at least had friends on here. I mean some of you follow and like my posts, so thank you… and so often I repay you with curse words and insults. How low am I. I’m sorry.

I feel so good. But I’m still kinda scared of the faces. No voices, just visual distortions at the moment.

I sent my psychiatrist some messages trying to tease out some information from him. He’s so damn busy he has no time for me though, and seldom responds. Ugh. Annoying. I wonder if it’s possible to get someone more professional. Sorry for the accusation, Dr. R, but that’s the truth. You’re not very professional in my book.

Mom and I went to the nearby shopping center. It’s so pretty! And there were lots of cool people, very diversity, walking around and hanging out and doing things. We went to Barnes and Noble and mom bought Dune, but we also I had a coffee and she had a mocha, and we browsed the bookshelves rather thoroughly. It was fun. I want to visit a library soon. I miss libraries. The feel. So cool! *squee!*


I have to watch out for this life-threatening skin rash that can be caused by one of my meds, but in a very low percentage of patients with low probability. They can genotype screen you beforehand but I don’t know why they didn’t do that for me. If it’s available why not? For safety, you know? Not putting health first. For shame, Kaiser.

Mom’s bitching at me about my meds again. She likes to interfere with my medical treatment. She’s a meddlesome old bat like that. Bitch.

Fuck. Now I’m angry. Ugh. What a piece of shit. Fuck her. Fuck you.

I don’t know what else to say. But who else ever does? We go on in these timeless vessels and see the changes before our eyes. Miraculous to behold. What goes on beside that?

What am I spewing now. Bleh bleh bleh.


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