I’m sorry, it doesn’t matter how lovely a person you are, if you are a parasite, I just can’t. I can’t cater to your needs. It doesn’t mean I don’t like you–I probably will. I’ll probably love you, the beauty of your person. But I can’t help you, I can’t do free things for you, everything has a price, and that’s the hard facts of life.

I’m sorry.

And this probably doesn’t apply to nearly 99.999% of you reading this right now, so feel free to ignore it.

Mostly thinking of my mom, but also some strangers I see on the internet from time to time.

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    1. Thank you. I don’t often get encouragement to write, or for anything in my life much really, beside hard work for career development and practical pragmatic things -_- like data science or science or what my real day job is. Sigh. Writing. Yes. Definitely. Heh. :)

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      1. Je prends plaisir à te lire. À mon sens tu as du talent. Alors, je le dis parce que ni toi ni moi n’avons de temps à perdre. Si tu étais médiocre ou nul je serai resté silencieux.
        Je passerai le plus souvent possible sur ton blog.

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        1. Don’t feel like you have to do anything, I don’t want you to feel forced just because I’m mentally ill and I need support and well, out of pity. But I think you already said you weren’t doing this out of pity, yes? So. Yeah. I guess that’s great. Man. I don’t know. Thank you. I really appreciate it. I’m not used to having conversation with new people so I’m a bit out of practice in this regard. Thank you for liking my writing–I know it’s a natural response so what, I don’t know, thank you still. I like my writing style too, you know that? I always have. That’s what’s kept me afloat. Unfortunately lately I have fallen into some sort of despondency, distaste for my own writing, which has killed me and not received any attention. It’s horrifying, not being a fan of one’s own creations. You must first and foremost be your own biggest fan, is what I’ve always learned and practiced. So. I try. I will strive to reciprocate the favor, friend. Thank you.

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          1. La pitié est la pire des choses. Je te parle parce que j’ai envie et c’est tout, je ne me suis jamais forcé à faire quoi que ce soit 😎et tu as entièrement raison de croire que tu as du talent autrement ? ça servirait à quoi ?

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