Fuck Hard pt. 1

Fuck fuck fuck shit fuck everything is fucked I need someone to talk to I need someone to hang out with I need friends I need to survive what is this shit fuck this shit fuck you fuck home fuck all the way home.

I have no home, so now what?

Go home and fuck it to the wall like a nail gun or with tape maybe. The painting dries and falls to the floor. Fuck that too. Step on it. It’s horseradish feces. Fertilizer parts. Dad doesn’t have a fucking clue. He’s a rapist.

Fuck you mom. Fuck you dad. Fuck you brothers. Yeah that’s right just because you’re unstable you deserve to be fucked.

I’m the golden boy. I’m perfect. Someone help me succeed. I need more money to live off of. People don’t eat food–they eat money. This shit is fucked. Living to get by is so hard.

It’s so fucking hard.

to be continued

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