This fucking recruiter called me asking if I want a bioinformatics job. Then their phone fucking cuts out, stressing me the shit out. Now I don’t feel like talking to them because I already did so I don’t know if they’re submitting me for the position or not. Fuckers.

And dad is asking questions about my job. NO ONE IS PAYING ME, DAD. FUCK OFF.

He doesn’t understand how mentally handicapped I am. I can’t do simple tasks due to anxiety and crippling self-doubt. Fuck. This is fucked. Everyone who doesn’t understand, please just exit the building.

Okay the recruiter may have just texted me, I should check.

Okay the recruiter said he has a similar position so they’ll keep me posted–probably I don’t have the right qualifications I’m not a bioinformatician but honestly.


Why is this all so complicated?

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