I honestly, should be thankful for the freedom I have.

I have no output though.

I’m trying to figure out this data science / machine learning homework basically on my own. So hard.

Homework has never been hard for me before. It’s so fucked. They just don’t explain it well.


Ugly bag of potato vinegar salt chips on my desk. I hate waste.

Father, why do you waste?

This was all meaningless. There’s no point in me writing this.

We all should get lives.

Bad note to end on though.

But that part is important to write down, yes!


I just realized.

What is ME.

Insertion sort.

Ya ha!

Mom goes to work tonight so she has to sleep now.

Dad’s in Europe.

The brothers are in the valley.

What do I do?

With my fucking freedom.

Wow. Amazecakes.

I mean I’m thankful but…

I just forgot who I am.

No good point to end on, as you’ll notice. :(

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