I got total temporary disability for a year, which means I get a supplemental paycheck from the state, but I don’t have work to do =(.

I wish I had a job, to be honest.

But this is probably best for me. Just flat out, focus 100% on recovering, nothing else, not even career.

Now, am I going to do that?

Probably not. I’ll be studying for career development for sure.

Always hesitant about the things I’ve told my psychiatrist. Ouch. Eyhah.

Some friends on LinkedIn offered to talk about career transition shit. Thank you, guys! They’re awesome. I miss my college buds. Wish I could drink still but hanging out with them camping or something might be fun, too.

Someday. When I work up the courage. …

Or not.


We’ll see.

So I get some money, and I get time to reast.

Thank you, California. You make sense.

Thank you, other taxpayers. I appreciate you. Fuck off republicans who want to get rid of disability pay and sink Gavin.


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