How can it be?

How can this be possible?

It doesn’t even seem possible.

I have akathisia and yet I am happy.

I am so undeniably happy right now.

Wow, this bliss. Not bliss, not like MDMA, not drugs, but, just, smiling, and I can’t stop.


I am starting to meet my French friends.

Bounjour a tout!

(I still need to install and learn to use the keyboard translator for the accented symbols.)

Mais oui!

I love the French; how you all think and the arts, so massive.

Wowowow. Isn’t life cool?


I do feel the paranoia c r e e p i n g up on me lately

Like someone is making fun of me…

And then they will eat me.

Maybe this SSRI lexapro is alright.

The only thing that’s going to eat me is my drugs!

It’s an inverse correlation!




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