I know that writing in here is useless, because no one really knows me or is a very close friend. Some of you may think friendly thoughts towards me, but that’s about where it ends, would be my guess. There’s no use writing in here, because it won’t save me.

I’m depressed and there’s no purpose in life. I wake up, have like three decaf coffees, and watch twitch.com on the computer. I don’t have any activities to do. My mom would say that’s not true. But she’s a ho.

At least I have glimmers of humor left in me. It’s not enough to keep me alive, but it’s something.

I don’t know what to do about my career training. I’m waiting to hear back from a few folks on LinkedIn about their experiences. It might help, I don’t know.

Kai said, to get out of depression, just DO STUFF. ANYTHING. DO THINGS. Sign up for webinars, um, I can’t think of what else would qualify, that’s how deep in the well I am. What is stuff? What is things? Sign up for a tennis league. It doesn’t have to be related to your career. But doing things will make you happier which will motivate you to accomplish more. It makes sense. It worked for him.

But I don’t want to. I’m letting the depression win, because why not.

I give up. I don’t know what to do. But don’t I always say that.

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