Writing in here is pointless. No one cares.

My father is an ignorant person. He reeks of it. And I told my mother, in her dimly lit room as she laid in bed, and she must’ve misheard me, because she said, “What’s that? What’s an ‘ignorant person’?” But I hated her for it. It shows who she is. Forgiving the evil that ought not be forgived, and reintroducing it into everyone’s life, and making all the situation worse for it.

Baby brother think’s he’s the only one who suffers and he’s so epiiiic his pain is so uniimaginableeee woiw no one understands fuck you fuck you fuck you what a little prick. Fuck him. Bitch. He has no clue. He isolates himself and calls it herosim. Dumb shit.

These people in my family are useless and base.

And of course middle brother is just unresponsive in his mountain of success. Unwilling to help.

Well. That’s that then. I’m afloat. Fuck. I don’t know what to say. Help me? No one will; we’ve just established that. What do you do when you realize you’re in the middle of the ocean doomed to drown? Right at the start, what do you do? Throw a little party I guess. Sorry there’s no cake. We had to make do without.

How gimmicky.

No one will ever find me.

I hate this species.

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  1. to be condemned to drowning, or to any other end, is only to voluntarily accept the will of others. Have your own will, swim in the ocean. You never know when a dolphin will appear that will change it …


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