Writing in here doesn’t change anything. I’m tired of chores. I’m tired of homework. All my hard effort doesn’t change a thing. It’s stuck. Fuck you for not helping.

Fuck. I’m so dead.

I don’t know what to do. Let’s conclude the post there, yes? Well guess what, shits, I’m a human, and I have nowhere to go. It’s not just a nice one two Let’s be done with it and move on. There’s nowhere TO move on. I am sitting in front of a computer hammering out words on a keyboard in a house in a neighborhood in a country. These places do not suffice. It’s not enough. There’s nowhere to BE. To EXIST. This habitat is not for life. It’s for death. And I am dying.

Hopefully that explains it a little but if you’re still shit-brained I recommend you just fuck off.

Stupid niggers.

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