My mother is a vicious bitch. Subtle, but vicious. Easy to spot if you have eyes at all. Metaphorical, spiritual, life love eyes. To see the truth.

She wants everyone in her family dead because she thinks she is supposed to do chores for us. She’s under some delusion that we’ve imprisoned her and her freedom lies at the end of our skulls. She’s stupid. She’s a bitch. She has no right to treat me this way. She gas lights me regularly and then lies through her fucking teeth that she cares for me and my mental illness. She’ll lie to the end of the earth, to the death, about all of this, too. She has no mores, no moral, no honesty, no sincerity, she’d sell out everyone just for–what now? I doubt even she knows? She doesn’t want everything. She’s just evil slime.

There’s no need to meet my mother because you’ve met her. Any bad experience you’ve ever had, any nasty person on the internet or IRL, she knows how to manipulate my mind, put voices in my head, she’s the ultimate nigger.

Die. Fuck you.

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