I don’t know. I’m a terrible person. And it’s really hard for me to say that, or even think that, because I’ve thought of myself as a good person for so long. I’ve started yelling at the reader in here, and I even yelled at my mom and called her abusive names last night because […]

I don’t even want to blog. But I’m like, I probably should write an update. I had like 10 drinks yesterday, hallucinated like hell, the episode was not sudden onset this time it was slow onset which surprised me like hell. It’s normally a discrete transition. Fuck. Seeing faces in everything, and hearing everyone’s voice, […]

I am fat, I have calories, and I took a multi. Do the math. There is no love in your food. For starters, that’s just an emotion. Find that anywhere. Secondly, you’re cold and evil. Go fucking die of a stroke already.

My parents, my whole family, is slime. Everyone I’ve ever met is trash. Please, God, let my mother have that stroke she wants so badly. And let everyone else rot and leave me alone forever. Fuck you.

My mother is an enemy. I don’t know who’s reading this but I can sense your effect on my world. You exist. I can tell. But in other news… You’re also not very important. Work on the ego.

I threw up. Then the visuals started. Now I have an episode, visual hallucinations, nightmare terror. I’m so scared. It’s always this way. I had this real heavy Georgian (Europe) wine, and it was so acidic I threw up after four glasses. So, I don’t get the benefit of the drunk. I have a case […]

That this is my home makes me despondent. Someone is definitely shitting on me, this isn’t my own ineptitude. There’s malicious forces trying to ruin me. I need to fight back. See? See this open-ended chaos? Right there, after that last paragraph. It’s like, evil flaunting its power. It makes no sense. How do I […]