Thank you, booze. Now that all that bullshit is out of my brain. Here is to happiness. I don’t care about tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. … Science is bullshit. How can you conclude something and then just say that because the circumstances are the same, the result will be the same? That sounds totally like […]

I need to drink. There’s no other option. I can’t live life like this–lifeless and meaningless. I’ll be dead before I know it and the only happy memories I’ll have had will have been on substances in a system and society that strictly forbids them. I am lawless. I am a vagabond. I do not […]

Life is meaningless. I will not be coerced into artificial positivity and synthetic ideology by anyone. Life is meaningless. This is truth. I’m not here to argue but if you stand in my way I will strike you down. I will continue to speak my mind. I don’t care who you are. Life is meaningless.

I don’t know. I don’t have anything to say. When it’s overwhelming I’m supposed to blog. But I don’t see how this helps. I need to somehow find some value in my life. My neck and back hurt from slouching because the ergonomics of my desk and computer and chair are so horrid. The psychiatrist […]

I’ve been blogging for… probably fucking, I don’t know, fifteen years now. I have 15 followers. What the fuck. I’ve deleted my followers list several times, but still, I’d expect more growth than that. I have no one to blame but the blogosphere itself. I’ve been putting out content related to my personal life this […]

It’s the usual. Writing in here in pointless. It’s not like talking to friends. I don’t have any friends. I need someone to hang out with. Europe is so much better than America. They have parks and city centers and just places to be and things to do. Twitch makes me depressed. I am depressed, […]