Thank you, booze.

Now that all that bullshit is out of my brain.

Here is to happiness.

I don’t care about tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes.

Science is bullshit. How can you conclude something and then just say that because the circumstances are the same, the result will be the same? That sounds totally like overconcluding.


Entropy. Some shit like that.

Why does society not support me.

Oh hold on I need to go check up on my disability check process. They haven’t responded yet.

Or maybe my email client (GMail) ate it.

Useless. Google is a fucked company. Thing of the past. Capitalism.


I don’t care.

All these big concepts.

My mother is useless trash that I care about.

I don’t know what her fucking problem is all the fucking time.

And she telepathically spies on me.

But so does everyone…

So I guess I’m never alone.

And can’t have the pleasure of being alone.

I took four hydroxyzine tabs and then had two glasses or cups (in between) of champagne.

The bottle’s not done yet! More to go.

I’m about to be very dizzy, aren’t I.

Huck huck.

No one wants to sacrifice for the sake of a fulfilling life.

I live with prudes.

My entire social circle, down to the last drop, the therapist in residence at rehab, are prudes.

Fuck you all. You fucking jerkoffs.

Blogger friends might be alright.

I guess.

I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Targeted statements sure can missfire, can’t they.

Useless. English is a useless language.


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