Literary analysis of Sneaker Pimps’ Low Five (music)

I’m here to try. To exert effort.

This will be about the song Low Five by Sneaker Pimps.

They are saying that we are this inexorable force standing against the system. There is no such thing as real progress, but evolution has our back–our mere desires are signs that things move forward.

But then it changes tone. The refrain is exactly the same, but the meaning is different. Somehow, they are nasty now. They are doing the same thing they’ve always done–being the bad boys. Girls. People. But that funnels them exactly where we promised we’d never go–into the system. Bad is what you don’t want. And the worst you’ve ever had is what it is. The system. So they are the new Capitalism and Corporate, and they ask you: Does nothing come to mind? Have they brainwashed you like all generations past?

The song concludes.

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