I had an okay day. Lots of paranoia and delusions on the internet. I got angry at a lot of stuff going on in the world. Stupidity and self-righteousness of the stupid top my list. I believe it, therefore it must be true. Fuck. So angry. I have to go to sleep now. Or I […]

What can I say. This is all triggering me. All this anger, this media, this social media. I have social anxiety disorder coupled to paranoid schizophrenia, sort of, so, it’s all very difficult for me. I think I need to take it easy until tomorrow.

Sorry to say, but in our modern society, brutality, violence, and authority are still respected and feared more than kindness and softness. This is the root of many of the mentally ill’s plight. They’re just kind people being soft. And they’re NOT AWARE OF THE FACT that people are slime and want them dead. So […]

Like, what is there to do at home. Make coffee. Nothing in society pleases me. Legalize drugs. It’s fun to play with your brain. And a lot safer than you think, if your stuff’s clean and you’re not a total fucking retard about it. I hope I live to see the day drugs are legalized. […]

I guess that intuitive feeling that everyone wanted me dead was just that: me perceiving reality. It’s real. Everyone wants me dead. But I know you for what you are now. Slime. Trash. So. I guess we’re cool. 8-) I’ll be safe. In a world where everyone wants you dead, you gotta stay cool. I’ll […]

You can’t really trust anyone but yourself. Humans are innately evil. I am the only good person in existence. You’re going to say I’m paranoid or petty, but this is very philosophically deep, as far as statements go, and you can’t realize it because of your small brain. Sorry.

I don’t know. I’m getting like, delusions of reference–when you think everything’s about you and targeting you, always in a negative manner–on the internet, like I think posts are talking about me, and on WordPress or twitter or wherever. It’s really creepy. I hate my condition. It steals so much comfort and feeling safe from […]

Fuck. I need to exercise or something. I’m so depressed. I mean it’s better than yesterday, which is great, but fuck. Wow. Life is so meaningless. I don’t know. I’m schizoaffective so hearing like, hints, on the internet, things that are kind of targeted at me without acknowledging me, really trigger me. It’s kind of […]

I don’t know what to do. Life is so meaningless. I have no craft, hobby, occupation, job, career, or lifestyle. I don’t have anything. I have no people… I mean minor, traces of people. But not enough. I don’t have, I don’t know, I don’t have… I’m so depressed. It’s better than yesterday. But I […]