Sorry to say, but in our modern society, brutality, violence, and authority are still respected and feared more than kindness and softness.

This is the root of many of the mentally ill’s plight. They’re just kind people being soft. And they’re NOT AWARE OF THE FACT that people are slime and want them dead. So they suffer, and have delusions and shit.

The world is fucking cruel.

I sypmathize with you all.

Some of them snap and turn to the dark side.

Just like that one just did.

And this is a sign of weakness and stupidity.

But if it’s who you really truly are (a stupid weak person) then by all means snap. Better be honest and let the world reconfigure it’s metaphysical calculations than keep lying to yourself ’til you’re dead.


And I want to be able to swear freely without being psychically assaulted by you trash.

I’ve been fighting for the right to freedom of speech on here since day one.

I thought this right was guaranteed in the constitution of the U.S. but it’s a farse. Violence and brutality and stupidity reign. There are no rights. Law is a joke. Everything is corrupt.

I’m happy.

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