I’ve been taking a nap around 3-6 every day for the last few days. All three of us, me and the parents, end up asleep at this time. lol. Consensual adult nap time. Naturally booked. :)

Now, I’m not depressed, I’m neutral, but my bodily anxiety is on the fritz. I can’t settle down, I can’t sit down comfortably, I feel like I’m always expending. I told off, like fuck you sort of, the athletics director of our collegiate team, so they probably won’t induct me in the hall of fame […]

I don’t know what to do. Stanford professor says depression is a real disease. Started watching the lecture. Have to go for a walk in half an hour. It kept getting pushed back. We go to Italy for vacation end of the month and we don’t know the logistics of the covid test we need. […]

Hi everyone. I feel like a complete failure. But my brain is also scattered. Can I complete a single thought? Where do I go to recollect myself? I have therapy today but I can’t make it because I have to go for a walk with mom and my brother and maybe baby brother if he […]