I don’t know what to do. Stanford professor says depression is a real disease. Started watching the lecture.

Have to go for a walk in half an hour. It kept getting pushed back.

We go to Italy for vacation end of the month and we don’t know the logistics of the covid test we need. How far in advance? What kind? Where can we get it from? What if the results turnaround is too long? Is that a problem?

I don’t fucking know. No one explains it clearly. There are websites that “talk about it” but they’re confusing and opaque as a nigger.


Fuck that pussy.

I don’t want a doll for my birthday.

Well anyway I derive some sort of sadistic pleasure from wallowing in my misery. But I think, there may be some sort of, like, comradery happening. I feel empathetic towards people. Maybe it’s a sign of recovery, not sadism.

Who fucking knows.

I’m gross and the things I say are gross.

Don’t pay attention to me.

Fucked in the butt.

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