Now, I’m not depressed, I’m neutral, but my bodily anxiety is on the fritz. I can’t settle down, I can’t sit down comfortably, I feel like I’m always expending.

I told off, like fuck you sort of, the athletics director of our collegiate team, so they probably won’t induct me in the hall of fame anymore. Fuckers. I don’t give a shit about that shit. They’re just delusional pricks. Useless.

I would like my anxiety to go away. I don’t know what to do. I took some hydroxyzine to try to help. Eh. It’s not the best medication for anxiety. It’s funny how so many diseases have such poor and weak medication to help. How many years has depression been around and SSRI efficacy is still questionable? Yeah. No progress. Fucking lowlifes mooching off the industry. No science. It’s trash.


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