I’m a good boy. I haven’t pestered my psychiatrist in weeks. I took a nap, my usual, 3-5 or so. I woke up feeling rested, but also restless. I wanted to go back to bed briefly afterward but couldn’t. =( I’m so fucked all the time. I’m feeling very consoled now that I have a […]

I definitely crave more attention from my medical professionals. I wish they had more time to listen to me and keep track of how I’m doing. Modern medicine is very, in retrospect, laissez-faire. =/. Not sure that’s necessarily a good thing…

I guess nothing’s wrong. Studying CSS. Fuck data science. Too hard. No reward. I have a stomach ache. I didn’t eat anything. I mean I usually have this many coffees and nothing is wrong with my stomach. But today it’s different for some reason. I did have a meal shake, soylent, thing, before taking my […]

My friend responded to my email. I had lost all his contact information. I deleted his phone number from my phonebook and didn’t have it memorized, and I deleted the same from email. But I remembered his email by brainpower because it is a memorable address name. It’s been a few weeks, but he responded. […]